Untitled or is it? Nah it actually has a title...

3 weeks in Portugal. Or better yet. 3 weeks with out internet.

Well with no internet for 3 weeks, i got to do many things:

Read 3 books

- Stephen king`s Under the dome: 1074 pages

- Raymond E. Feist`s -Silverthorn: 343 pages

                               -A Darkness at Sethanon: 430 pages

Took about 1500 pics, not as much as i wanted to.

Got through 1/4 of Zenonia 2 for the iphone, with all 4 different playable characters.

Caught a cold

Received too much exposure from second hand smoke, TOO MUCH, i think one of my lungs died.

Got an awesome sun burn.

Got heavily intoxicated, did not puke.

And the normal things 20 year olds do with out internet…


woot, finally, my internet is back on. Now I have been gone for about 3 weeks on vacation in Portugal, with out internet. So now i have to go through 3 weeks of tumbler pics -shoot me now- usually i can get through a full day of tumbler pics in a few hours but 21 days… ill have to stay locked in my room for a good 3-4 days. I also  need to get through massive amounts of youtube videos and for last i need to go through awesome stuff on Gizmodo, this wont be as bad.

Now the only bad thing with this is that i am going back to my rented house at school tomorrow, so i got to pack all my shit, plus my turtles and get settled down in a new house once again.

Im on a plane!

ha, the sex doll i got for my birthday.

more snow, i love it and hate it.

this gloomy area was where i spent most of my mornings

SNOW! coming to a area near you!

them misbehaving

Riley and Fred posing so i can show off how big they are, respectively.


Soooo I am going to Portugal in about 21 hours for the rest of the summer.

Now i intend to go on a upload spree. Hopefully my attention span will get me through quite a lot of pictures.

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